Sunday, September 05, 2010

Poetry In Plain Sight - Lynne Bronstein

One of the reasons I wanted to start documenting poets is to discover the poetic history of Los Angeles. I'm reading the introduction to Lynne Bronstein's chapbook, Border Crossings, by Julia Stein.

It is an eye opener. I learned that her poetic voice shook up the old school poetry audiences of the 1970s. There seemed to be a problem about being able to listen to poems expressing woman's sexuality, enjoyment or transforming the Great Whore image.

Come to think of it that is still a problem.

These days the battles are closer to home. In fact this poem is about her home and the struggle to stay in it.

For those folks outside of Los Angeles there are certain areas and cities that are under rent control ordinances. If the tenet stays in the apartment the rent is locked in at a certain rate. If the tenet moves the rent control is off.

Theoretically, let's say that it might be a possibility that a new owner who purchases the building could be motivated try to use less than honorable methods to clear the apartment for new tenets who will pay more to live near the beach.

For more information about Lynne you can visit her site and if you are so inclined by a chapbook.

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