Sunday, September 12, 2010

Margaret Fabrizio and Turning 80

This is video by artist/vlogger Margaret Fabrizio. I guess the main take away from the video that I got was to go ahead and live your life to the best of your abilities.

I'm trying to strip away the filters that bind me to in-action. I need reminders like this to keep on moving forward.

Margaret has her website where you can view more videos, check out her art work, quilts, her collages absolutely rock; I love collage art so I am extremely biased but this is good stuff.

She has music for listening or downloading.

Margaret is starting to making me feel like a first class lazy bone couch potato. Definately give the site and her YouTube channel a visit.


  1. I'll never forget my late Grandma, in her mid-80s, saying she felt great passion and regretting the fact that she was no longer "seen" that way.

  2. I have to re-post this at some point and I'll give you a finders fee in the form of a big hat-tip! This woman is wonderful.

    Her example of what made her "almost throw up," the notion that the furniture, the house, the street would still be there when she was gone--that's one of my personal horror stories. To make it even MORE horrific, I tune it down to things that are even more mundane, even more prone to this chair pad I sit on. This sucker will be here when I'm gone.

    That'll grab you. Thanks for this!

  3. On her YT channel she has got a bunch of videos. Go snag one and pass it along the way.

    Mercy, help me. I'm still in purge mode. It is hard to let go but I have to both internally and externally.

    I'm looking for any opportunity to get middle age and post middle age women to record video.

    Second to that I'll post any dame who will let me spread her words to the rest of us. We never stop needing mentors and guides.