Friday, September 24, 2010

Exhale on the Finally Friday Freakout

Terry McMillian is coming to Vroman's Bookstore to promote her new book "Getting to Happy." It is the continuing story of the characters from the book "Waiting to Exhale.

A quick visit to her web site shows me that she has moved on from turbulence to the next level. This generally happens when you work through it instead of staying stuck and swimming in it long after the event has passed.

For those who need a little Shoop Shoop therapy this is your opportunity to engage in some long distance understanding and perspective on the need to let go and let fly with the future.

Cut 'em loose. Forgive yourself. Start again.

This does not have to be about love. Could be a job. Could be your car that keeps leaking oil faster than you can open the can and pour. It could be seeking another path to invoke positive changes in your life one step at a time.

Shooobey. Shoop. Shoop.

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