Friday, August 27, 2010

What The World Need Now on the Finally Friday Freakout

This was a week that I felt blue. I am deep in the grips of it. I can function but if God himself came to pay me a visit I'd ask it we could do it next week.

It is not one specific thing. We Americans have no will to do better. Not collectively. Oh, no. That would be socialism. Booga, Booga.

We have no will to re-think the way we do things about transportation, food, employment or community. These are things we have to do right now if not sooner but first a word from our sponsors, detractors or good old fashion "Not in My Backyard" mantras.

Some days it is too much. Frack the liberal/conservative divide; if nothing changes but the political party in office we have nothing.

Let the mayor and the city council of Bell, CA stand out as our next to last warning bell. The change must come from where most of us are now.

It will be hard. It is hard. Our lives are designed to keep us away from contact, community or participation. It is possible if we say and act with intention.

We have got to change. We know this. And yet we do the same dumb ass stuff.

God knows, I'm frustrated.

A bit heartbroken that has nothing to do with romantic love. I've got cynics around me telling me to come on over to the dark negative side. I've got others folks that are Pollyanna who see no evil.

Here I am, alone in the middle able to see past both of them. It hurts.

We sang this song in assembly in elementary school. I think about how freaking far away we are from the message of the song. How this weekend there is going to be some extremely contentious speech. How the profiteers of misery will line their pockets in gold in the name of God and country.

I'm fighting my way back but for some reason it is a slow slog this time. I want be more than a consumer. Life isn't just about consumption. It never was.

I've lost my way to a higher plane of connection. I need to find my path again. All I need is love. All we need is love. And the will to act as if we meant it.

We use to sing this song. It was a long time ago.

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  1. 1st - what a lovely video. Never heard this version. Thought Ms. Warwick owned this song. The lyrics are so true and optimistic.
    2nd - I am sorry you're feeling down, out, sad, blue, hopeless and disconnected. Sort for the good. Sort for the connections. Sort for those of us who are not merely consuming,lacking, thwacking, hacking. You are in my thoughts and prayers.