Monday, August 23, 2010

Podcasting Literature - Salvation Road

I have been pulled deeper into audio fiction and drama podcasts. There is so much good work out there that I've missed. I'm telling you straight, broadcasts and cable television have lost me.

I have to add the exception of Mad Men;, I don't even have cable and that show rocks. It is up there with Homicide, Life on the Streets, China Beach, Sports Night and sigh, Babylon 5.

In other words. I got nothing to watch in 2010. Not that I don't have stuff to do, I just signed up for a technical writing class.

But a girl needs some fiction in her life. Danger and excitement, a wisp of romance. Super powers and human emotions fused in life and death. Who could ask for more?

I have switched over to theater of the mind with podcast from Phillipa Ballantine. I started out with Erotica al la Carte but I'm currently listening to Weather Child. She is such a good writer I generally listen twice. Once for the story and the second time for the structure.

My old faithful, The Secret World Chronicles, keeps me up if I listen before bed time. Can't help it they are doing a heck of a job.

The last story in the current series has just posted. I kinda hate to listen but the cliff hanger was a doozy. Once I do it is cold turkey until December 2010 as the team works on the new book.

The hard part is finding the good stuff. It is the same problem video folks have. There is good user generated content but sifting it out from the corporate dreak is hard work.

Worth the effort. Definitely worth the effort.

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