Thursday, August 05, 2010

A Heck of A Town - Pre-BlogHer

The trip was a trip. It started at 3:30a.m. with a ride to an empty airport. I didn't know that the airport opened at 5:30a.m.

The only pick-up time was 3:30a.m. I wasn't alone but it was spooky.

On the plane there were two crying babies and two yappy dogs. The dogs barked the first hour or so then it was ok for a bit. Then the last 45 minutes the babies kicked in a few notes.

I gotta say with Direct TV is wasn't so bad.

The trip into town was tough. I don't eat before a flight. I was hungry. I saw every food joint as we passed by. I damn near wanted to beg the driver to stop at Chipotle's. Got to the hotel and started looking for food.

Pizza called my name; I inhaled that sucker. I was so hungry I forgot that I can't have a lot of cheese.

My stomach reminded me this morning. I took the walking cure - so many great places in my immediate area, The Center of Photography, art places up the ying-ying and a special shout out to the New York Public Library who helped me get on-line and find stuff.

Much to do, will keep you posted.

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