Friday, July 30, 2010

Ring My Bell on the Finally Friday Freakout

You know what the biggest surprise is about the Bell city council story? That the Los Angeles Times actually investigated and created a news story worth reading. The reports about fiscal mischief is what newspapers are supposed to do.

To pay attention to the local community. This story has resonated with everybody cuz if tiny Bell is on the scoop and dupe then we might have a solution to the budget crises. This is what you need a bean counter for; not to run television shows but to do the government numbers like taking a lice comb through school kids hair.

You are going to come up with something. So in honor of the L.A. Times not running another story about Lindsey or Mel, for allowing non-AP content on the front page and in full recognition that they are gonna milking this story for all it is worth and then some, I give you Ring My Bell by Ann Lee.

I would have linked to the Anita Ward version but Warner is not fooling about yanking stuff down, if you catch my drift. Anyway this is a fun, dance inspired version. Very respectable.

Unlike those rascals in the city government of Bell,California.

Damn. I see multiple investigations. I see people booking a flight to a non-reciprocating country. I see someone looking for the guy in MacArthur Park who specializes in reconfigured identities.

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