Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Book I Haven't Read or I'm Slipping

I am a book junkie. This means when I buy or acquire a book I read it. I have to get rid of a few books. This is causing internal trauma. Some books I know I can find good homes for them.

Other books like my four different 1999 tutorials on Microsoft Access should, no, they gotta go to the recycling bin. Nobody should still be working in Access2. Oh my gosh, I might have the software on stiffy discs someplace in the closet.

So I look at the other books in the pile that I meant to read but didn't. A decade has gone by. Strategic Planning for Information Systems is one of those books. I got it for a 25 cents.

Flipping through looking at headings like "Sophisticated Extrapolation" does not bode well for me diving in and reaping the warm fuzzy glow of knowing what the heck the guy is talking about.

It is hot. The brain chemistry is jacked up and I did nothing but breath.

You know how you can feel the chemicals releasing in your brain and something has changed? It takes you a while to sort it out but you have to pretend to act normal?

For the men folks the equivalent sensation would be that you looked at an object of desire and you got lost inside of yourself for a moment. You eventually come back but it is not the same.

I want to clear my space but I get lost in memories that are no longer valid. I want ice cream. I'm drinking Aloe Vera kinda sorta juice instead. I put off clearing my space for another day.

It is 8pm. I'm going to take the book and see if I can pretend to be a linear thinker.

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