Thursday, June 03, 2010

The World Change A Little Bit But I'm Not Buying An iPad

I don't have much time. I was not supposed to see this video because it would make me crazy. I don't want an iPad. I don't need an iPad. And yet like a fool I watched it before going to work.

I think the iPad is a limited function device for me. I know it is. But the applications; God help me the applications are getting better all of the time. There are a whole bunch of them that will change how video is going to be produced and editing.

Publishing will change as well. This is a commercial from Wired magazine that I viewed on eBookNewser/MediaBistro. I'm not endorsing Wired or the application - I'm looking at the concepts presented.

Anyway, the real potential that I glimmered watching the commercial was the ability to tell multi-level stories. You can go down the rabbit hole and come up in an entirely new place.

Brain cells are popping about the new fiction forms that will be created.

Let me riff on a non-fiction use; lets say that you wrote a book about the movie Casablanca.
  • The entire book would be available hyperlinked to the other content.
  • You could embed the movie and historic interviews with the cast.
  • You could also have information about World War II and the events of the time.
  • You could have text and photos of what Paris was like under occupation.
  • You could show the script, show the models of the plane used in the final shot.
  • Ditto on the costumes.
  • Ditto on the lighting decisions and the techniques used.
Ah man, you could frigging re-design the concept of a documentary! I'm still not buying an iPad. It has got to grow up a little more. And I can't imagine that others vendors are just going to sit on the sidelines and get trounced and not respond.

Y'all keep telling me that free competition is good for the country. What are you waiting for?

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