Thursday, June 03, 2010

Silver Tongue on the Finally Friday Freakout

People underestimate the meaning of family and community. We are separated by body but we have connections to dozens of people, real and imaginary that we don't know.

When we hear of their passing we take a moment to say "Damn, really? I liked that person." Not that is not a bad thing to say.

It is far better to say that than "They can't dig deep enough to bury that SOB!"

Rue McClanahan lived to be 76 years old. Had a job on one of the best sitcoms on television as the sassy Blanche on Golden Girls. Reminded all of us that there is a chapter two, three and seven if you are willing to turn the page.

K.T. Oslen is another good old girl who sings the way that Blanche would appreciate. I think Rue would like it too. Yes, there are those among us who have fell for Silver Tongue and Gold Plated Lies but we scraped the dust off and kept on moving to better days.

We don't expect to go down this way but we will. With certain types of celebrities we know and don't know the real person.

Those of us who grew up with Gary Coleman knew he was a child actor. We knew that he got shanked in life by the financial mismanagement of people that should have known better or made an effort to do better.

To be honest, we culturally laughed at him. Sometimes we were confused at his attempt to earn a living. Some of us understood that he was doing the best he could under impossible circumstances. I think maybe his adult life was spent trying to find a place where he belonged.

But I don't know that. It is the Spackle I mental apply when don't know the totality of this man's life. I hope his last days were peaceful and happy.

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