Monday, June 07, 2010

The Other Prescott Mural - There Is Diversity in Prescott, Arizona

Despite what certain members of the Prescott community would have you believe there are diverse populations in the area. This is another mural project that took place at Mile High Middle School.

In the video it explains the process of how the coordinator and the students got together, connected with nature and created the mural. The students also spoke with the Yavapai people to learn of their culture.

This is an example of helping students make the connection between what they learn in the class room and applying it to their environment.


  1. A beautiful affirmation.

    Rich with hope and history and wondrous possibility.

    Thanks for posting, Gena.

  2. Thank you Mr. C! I've missed your work. Soon as I clear the deck I'll be heading over to your neck of the woods.

    Maybe those of us that can need to lift up the positive or don't allow the negative to stand as the total record.

    There is more than fear driven people in this country. Growing pains, y'know?