Saturday, June 26, 2010

National HIV Testing Day or Do You Have A Spare Condom?

I need to talk to the mature women, aunties and the grammies about protecting themselves when they have sex. June 27, 2010 is or was HIV Awareness and Testing Day.

I know it was because I was walking around outside of Vroman's Bookstore. There were condoms everywhere. It was a beautiful sight. Yet something was missing. Not enough info for the Boomers. Cuz, you know we ain't gonna stop with a little snow on the rafters.

With the right amount of imagination that rocking chair can be a sensual enhancement tool.

Protect Yourself - Use A Condom
True, peri-menopause and menopause might have you up against the ropes. It is all you can do not to kill something. I say make love, not war. The libido is not dead, just getting reconfigured. One of these days a good looking chunk of opportunity is gonna walk up and say "Hi."

It will be all you can do to say "Yes." "No." or "You are serious, right?"

A Pause for the Cause

Step 1 - Have 21st Century Condoms

If all systems are go and before you get to shucking your clothes you need to ask yourself is there is a condom in the house, car or purse. I like to reduce complexity. I have condoms. Specially after today cuz I picked up a few condoms. And some lube. Water based, of course.

There are things that do not age well. Condoms is one of them. They expire. Make sure you have current stock within reach.

Step 2 - Dude Has To Wear It

You can help him put it on, make it worth his while but that condom has to be in place before you crank up Boogie Nights. This is not negotiable. This is about your life and how long you get to live it.

Step 2a - There are Female Condoms

Really, if the guy refuses to wear a condom and he won't get tested why are you with him?

Yeah, I know. Ok. If this is just a hit it and quit and you really want to do this with this reckless inconsiderate man then you need to use a female condom.

This is a non-sexual demonstration of how to insert the female condom:

It is a one use device. No recycling here. You can use it for the front door or the back porch however you have to use a new condom for each orifice. Female condoms are much more expensive but you are so worth it if you cannot get cooperation from your stud muffin.

Step 3 - You Might Have to Lube the Groove

We change. Body chemistry is no longer in sync with immediate desire. We may need help to ease the points of entry. There are all kind of lube products. Some contain icky petroleum chemicals. Bad for condoms, worse for your body.

When possible, go natural but not Crisco. Seriously, I know it was the thing back in the day but No, leave that in the bad old days. This is future tense.

You need to read the label to make sure the lube is compatible with the condom and with your body. There is a video about Green/Organic lube at Another source is the product line of Good Clean Love.

For more info:
There are not enough easy to find middle-age and senior specific sex health pages so I will keep an eye out for them and post what I find.

In the meantime, in the spirit of the boogie put a lid on it.

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