Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Everyone Forever Now Video - Memories of Stoop Sitting

How could I not share a video about stoop sitting? It is practically a dying art form with everybody glaring into glass and plastic squares. I didn't do this video. It is from a production company called Everynone.

Sitting out on the stoop is deceptive to the casual observer. Much is happening while appearing to do nothing.

Everyone Forever Now - "Stoop Sitting" from Everynone on Vimeo.

For example, those that occupy their stoops during the day know exactly what is going on in the neighborhood. Daytime artisans of the stoop know which husband is creeping with a certain non-wife from around the corner. They know who belongs on the block and who does not.

Going through MLC? There is a place for you on somebody's stoop. Heartbreak? That will get you a rickety chair and a confidential section on the porch connected to the stoop.

Professionals sitters on the stoop know when the excessively faithful bible thumpers are about to walk up the block. This might precipitate the sitters temporary removal from the stoop with a bang from the screen door. This early alarm system is equally effective for the gas man and other public utility collection agents as well.

(Banging the screen door is only to be used by trained professionals. People under 18 are prohibited from banging the screen door.)

Brick and mortar stoop watchers are a time honored news and information exchange service. Tidbits, facts and straight-up gossip are collected and filtered for prime juicy storytelling.

Yes indeed. I have had old school rump rot listening to people on my mother's porch yack it up in the dusk of day. Especially the hot summer evenings where their was no air conditioners, just fans.

It was much too hot to be indoors. If it wasn't the movies or a walk around the block you generally wound up on the stoop. Tempers were defused or lit. A lot of ice tea was swirled in jam jar glasses. Card games, music, laughter.

Tears. Those too.

These days all I have is some instant Green tea. Well, it is the thought that counts. I will go mix up a batch in honor of memories of days gone by.

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