Friday, June 11, 2010

Big Girl You Are Beautiful on the Finally Friday Freakout

Laurie White wrote a post about her body and peoples reactions to her body. The name of the post is How I Got Fat.

As with most things it isn't just about the food but how other people perceived the validity of your body. This current culture is not very affirming. But there are days and there are moments in a day when it is safe to be who you are. I have learned to treasure the minutes and moments that I feel at peace. I am learning to tell the haters inside and outside of my head to go to hell.

Every couple of years or so there is a song to celebrate those of us on the curve swerve side. Sir Mix-A-Lot and Queen come to mind at the moment as being artists who have made a buck or two singing praises for the more puffy among us.

I have no idea who Mika is, he seems like an energetic kind of fellow.

I just zipped over to and he is all over the place. Touring that is and singing his songs. Being who he was born to be and hopefully no one is prejudging his singing ability on his looks.

He looks fine to me. The kid is alright.

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  1. Love, love, love Mika! He is one of the most talented, fun artists and puts on an amazing show! Totally loved this!