Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Your Book Memory Can Help 1000 Kids - Fess Up!

Ok, here is the deal. You know there is one book that stoked your furnace. The one that just thinking about it gets you emotional. I'm not asking for money, time or a commitment. If you could just swing over to BlogHer and share the one or five books that made you the divine person you are today it would really be appreciated.

That is it. Just leave a comment. Have no fear or shame. I know for a fact that Go Dog Go! has a loyal fan club. Steinbeck is in the house. Heck yeah to Road Less Traveled.

But that is the thing isn't it? We need 800 more people to pony up the book that needs to be heard and shared. I've already put in my two cents but somebody needs to speak up for Pudge, Girl Blimp or other obscure titles lost in the mist.

Undercover Nerds - you know you gotta do this right?

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