Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stoop Status Report or What The Heck Is She Doing?

Miles to go before I sleep but naps are important. Which is a strange introduction but that is the kind of gal I am. Just wanted to give a re-cap of all the going on in my blogging life with some real world accents.

I'm still a Contributing Editor at BlogHer. I write about educational topics but I also get to branch out a bit. The deal is I have to wait a bit before I can post what I've written for BlogHer on my site.

The bad news is that it might appear I'm not being productive. The good news is that I usually wind up re-writing stuff anyway because I have this fear or boring people. In any case, it will balance out.

Still trying to find my voice and the appropriate level of involvement at Create Video Notebook. My intial vision was to point folks to resources and discoveries about creating web video and those that are doing it.

I am finding out that people are asking questions in forums and blog posts who are not techies or people who are thinking about vlogging.

That is ok, I want to reach out to those folks. It is just that there are people and web sites that do want to help newbies (without scamming them) It is just that two groups are not finding each other.

I have to re-think about how to plant respectful seeds and create simple tutorials. For the time constrained that is a killer thought. It has been giving me headaches. This is good because I'm am using brain cells.

It is bad because I don't have a good answer yet so I am just plugging along. I want to figure out how to teach/communicate via blogs and video. I'm looking here and there but I don't have my answer yet. It is still in Beta mode.

Vidlicious! is coming along again. Originally Zadi Diaz and a few others of us wanted a place to showcase active women vloggers. Well, I can't speak for the others but I know my life ramped up to hyper speed. It is a balance and some times you have to let things go.

So it went for a while. I was nattering to myself about the lack of representation of women in web video and bemoaning lost history. Until it occurred to me that once a week I could find one video that was produced by a woman or reflected a specific woman's point of view.

So I did. A drop in the bucket but a drop is what is needed to fill that bucket.

Lemme see, still have the day job. Still have piles of laundry and even more paper. I don't want to be the doggy lady that the police find under pounds of books and papers so I have got to do some purging of property.

You'd think that would be enough stuff but I have another bunch of ideas I don't dare speak into being.

I don't have the time.


  1. I like the pensive, self-examination posts, but I would, right? There's just never enough time for the fascinating world that the blog-o-net opens for us (and the vlog-o-net, too).

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a kind and thoughtful comment on my blog. Hadn't heard from you in a while and it was good to see that little icon again!

  2. I love the idea of the doggy lady! That's me in a nutshell. But I'm full of good intentions. I've redistributed all the papers and books that were under my bed! Redistribution is the first stoop to redemption, isn't it?
    BTW I've just been redirected to your splendid blog by Ross Anthony's newsletter.

  3. Thank you Faith for the kind words. My road to redemption is long.

    I did clear some things off of my bed but I have to find home for books I don't need to keep any more. Theses would be the old 1993 copies of How to Do Excel.

    Yeah. I know. Ridiculous.