Friday, May 07, 2010

Love Rollercoaster on the Finally Friday Freakout

I picked up an issues of a mighty fine magazine called Wax Poetics because on the cover there was a photo of the Ohio Players. If Parliament/Funkadelic was playing on the radio then it had to be the Ohio Players. And where there was the Ohio Players there was Sugar with that lovely afro and that thumping bass.

There is a great article about Sugar's time with the band and how love is indeed a roller coaster when folks you trust don't pay the tax man. It isn't the show part that does musicians in.

It is not knowing or understanding the business that can really mess you up.

I still own some of their album so it is only right and proper that the weekend starts off with a little Wolfman Jack and a whole bunch of Love Rollercoaster.

I just learned at the Wax Poetics In Memoriam page such as the passing of Steve Reid, who I did not know played drum/percussion on a pound and a half of Motown recordings.

Note to self, avoid reading In Memorian pages. You might find people you should know or people you do know. Either way I get bummed out.

Speaking of bummed out I have to clean something that is calling my attention in a most undesirable way.

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