Sunday, May 09, 2010

Darling, It's Alright on the Finally Friday Freakout

I fought the stupid and kept it at bay. I kept my eyes on the goal and the goal was to get to Friday. Time for something new.

To me at least. I am so out of the music loop it ain't funny. I gave up when robotics replaced singing. Robotic lyrics, robotic gyrations and nothing really important to say but it goes on and on. Only a good DJ re-mix can save most of what is called popular music today. The poor DJs must be tuckered out trying to make music out of garbage.

Anyway, I'm flipping the e-mail pile and I come cross a link to a video by this group called Frances and the Lights.

I'm not expecting anything but I give it a go. The name of the tune is Darling, It's Alright:

I do love black and white film and videos. Let's see, I believe the correct response is I like the video. It had a beat and I could dance to it. (Ancient American Bandstand meme.)

But can they perform in color? Let's find out. the name of the song is Lime at a performance at Diesel in New York.

Much to do and 62 hours left to do it in and I don't know where to start. Darling, it's alright.

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