Saturday, April 03, 2010

Watching the Hype - No Tablet Today

I feel like the sadder but wiser gal. I see the gleam in the eyes of people that want to buy the new shiny toy. The reasons that become needs. The new Apple Table is like a siren song. I have my ears blocked for the moment.

I understand. Once you get bit by equipment lust it is hard to fight the infection. I have bought enough computers and peripherals to know the yearning that becomes consumption. If I'm spending cash money I need to know it is a good investment or I will derive such pleasure that it doesn't matter.

It is a conscious choice. It took me 18 months to decide on a netbook. I'm happy with what I have. Currently I have the Ubuntu operating system on the netbook. I'm about to swap that out to try Linux Mint.

And that is why I have a problem with the Apple Tablet. I would be totally locked into the Apple operating system. I can't experiment or branch out.

Now I love and seriously jonesing for some of the applications for the iPod/iPhone/Tablet. Especially the photographic and video editing options coming down the road. I have iTunes and use it.

I'm not an Apple hater. It is just that I require more than hardware. It is the software that enables creativity, not just passivity. Dan from CNet makes a really good case about how the Apple Tablet is not a computer. It is an enhanced media device that will serve in specific situations.

Just like desktops didn't disappear when notebook computers arrived and just like they are still here after netbooks. It is making room for another bit of kit.

It sure is pretty. Yep. No question.

I'll wait for the technology and the device to mature. I will not pay money to be a Beta tester.

Not now, not ever.

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