Sunday, April 11, 2010

Videoblogging Day 1 - 2010 Lemonade Thoughts

I am so running late on things. It looks like it is going to rain, I'm still futzing with not one but two video editing programs and really this isn't how I imagined this day.

Things are still going wrong but I have to leave otherwise more things will go wrong. Like the viewing size of this video.

But it is finished. The goal of day one has been completed.

Where are my shoes? The 8GB card? The padded pouch?

It was supposed to be ... different. Organized. Things going according to plan. The one in my head. This is why I was listing to a podcast about Getting Things Done and poo-pooing the whole thing.

Just have to limit the things to do, right?

No. I guess not.


  1. I loved your video Gena!! The framing and the angle of your head kept me staring. Heh.
    I also liked how you broke up your monologue into sections with titles. It gave me time to
    reflect on what you said.

    The music fit your mood. And your humorous narrative made me laugh
    out loud quite a few times. Probably because I could identify with what you were
    saying. My favorite line was "you can be stupid and frugal at the same time."

    Your video was GREAT!

    --Vivian :-)

  2. yeah I liked "no you can't, you really can't" great video - sorry to hear about your other camera though

  3. Thanks folks, working on #2 after a hard day at the Saltorium.

    Busy, busy, busy...