Sunday, April 04, 2010

Menlo Park Adult School Closing Protest From Jose Lara

Budget cuts are no joke. School budget cuts are expensive in the short and long term. Jose Lara from Intersections - The South Los Angeles Report has a video report on why area residents feel strongly that the adult school should remain open. This is a captioned video but it takes a bit to kick in:

You want an adult school in your community. Immigrant communities need access to education, the ability to ask questions and to tap into resources. An adult school gives second and third chances.

Education reduces crime by providing training and other options beside negative entrepreneurship; i.e. selling items that are not legal for consumption or were not yours to sell in the first place.

The questions we don't ask are just as important as the ones we do. Where did all that bond money go to?

Education is getting slammed hard in California. This is another kick to the system.

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