Friday, March 26, 2010

Baby Take Your Time on The Finally Friday Freakout

Shoes are off. Spaghetti is moving from a solid form to something more playable. Found cheese in the what passes for a refrigerator. I'm giving thanks that I wasn't one of the people that got a pink slip this week.

That would be made redundant for my UK peeps.

Nothing is over; don't believe the recovery hype. Do not switch to grasshopper mode just yet. Contingency living planning is in full effect. You might want to dig out that emergency kit and re-stock too.

Politically, folks is acting ape shiz crazy. People need to chill, that caffeine in the tea you are drinking is too strong for your system. Too many tea parties are messing with your brain.

That is a discussion for later. It is Friday and time to boogie down. In the Groove Yard tonight is a clip from Solid Gold and the SOS Band.

I am in need of some SOS because I bought blackberries and have to find a way to use them. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Frozen blackberries at 99 cents each. I took a bite and they were not as I anticipated. A little on the astringent side.

The good news is that I have soy milk, honey and a blender. I also seem to have semi-sweet chocolate.


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