Sunday, February 07, 2010

Prelude to Gifts I Should Remember to Give Myself

I have decided that I'm going to do February 14th differently this year. I was staring to get irritated with the VD ads for underwear, chocolate and the implicit messages, instructions and tutorials on how to please your man. I don't have one, a man I mean. It is not like I can stroll into JCPenney's and flip the racks in the men folk's department until I find the guy that fits.

Now if JCP decided to get innovative and have a registry where you could obtain a vetted and verifiable man of your desires I do think it would brighten the profit outlook of the chain. Then again, the return policy would be a nightmare. The idea needs more thought.

Yeah, like I was saying, I could gripe about this but I want to start transmuting problems into solutions.

There has to be a different ways to accommodate the spirit of love, affirmation, sex, libido without being partnered or insulted. Or offended. A counter balance to the mercantile syrup that passes for reminders of romantic attention.

Because it is not wrong to remind yourself that you are loved. That you have the right to nurture yourself. It is not wrong to buy lacy undies for yourself. Or romantic or sexual literature or 65% cacao powered chocolate.

Still, those things don't do it for me. I'm thinking about considering creating a non-partner intimacy kit. Which is technically impossible because even if you are alone there is another person somewhere that is helping your out.

It is an experiment. Not promising every day but I want to create a kind of memory for people who some day might give a damn.

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