Monday, February 08, 2010

Love In the Spirit of The Sun Magazine

With that dang book about compromising on a marriage partner still bouncing around and other folks are fighting to get into and out of marriages it makes me almost proud that i am single woman.

Yes. I'm holding out for the relationship thing. I was re-evaluating my thoughts on free range thumpety thump. If it was just the sex we'd all be perhaps not quite so tense.

The Sun Magazine has heart pounding writing. Each and every month there is gold coming out of North Carolina. Sy Safransky is the editor and publisher.

Masthead of The Sun Magazine
Sy has been known to write about his wife and his feelings about her. There is a part of me that wants to be wanted like that I don't think it is buying into the mythology. I'm not hooking up with a bump machine to get a cardboard version of a companion.

I want the real thing and it seems to be possible.

He isn't perfect. He also writes about his dreams that don't involve his wife. This would be ok with me because I understand a vivid dream life.

I read about the curl and soothe my spirit for a time. I needed to remember that there are fellas who feel this way about their partners.

The Sun Magazine encourages solid writing and photography. It is a narrative storytelling that isn't a selling point or a way to establish credibility.

It is my heart to your heart via text and photos.

I long for the day when the magazine will have digital or .pdf copies for sale because the magazine is hard to find at chain bookstores. The few remaining newsstands in Los Angeles are disappearing.

If I could I'd send a copy overseas to show we are not as ignorant and stupid as we appear to be via television.

We are flawed, yes, but there are places where our true spirit lives. This is one of them.


  1. I love The Sun. It's my favorite magazine. I subscribe so I don't have to hunt it down at the newsstand. It's rare to be able to count on a monthly gem in the mailbox; but The Sun certainly provides it. And the fact that there are no ads is so refreshing!

  2. It is a remarkable publication because the readers are so loyal. By all logic it shouldn't have survived but it seems to be doing fine.

    I just don't like the subscription process. I have cut out so much junk mail from finding it way to my door.

    Sy has got me on the fence again. Hoping that they hire the new digital editor soon so that they can hash out the online subscriptions.