Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Gift of Self-Pleasure - Thinking Outside of The Polarities

I know that I prefer and desire males as sexual partners and life companions. I don't think it was socialization; I'm real sure it was because I was checking out certain fellas in school kinda confirmed to me where my path was destined.

It wasn't a choice. It is a part of who I am. I can't be programmed out of my preferences that gets my heart beating a little faster. I believe the same could be said for gay, lesbian, transgendered and bi-sexual person.

There is no need to bring shame, guilt or other people's deeply embedded fears into our body, mind and soul.

So to represent an example of allowing ourselves to love within and outside of the binary polarities this is a clip from Barbara Carrellas speaking at the New Life Expo.

As you contemplate the images in your head before you start to stoke the furnace here is a tip. Don't censor. Let your imagination go places it generally have not allowed it go before.

Really, who is gonna know?

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