Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Gift of Self-Pleasure for The Imaginary Box

There is a reality of not having a partner, specifically a sexual partner on Valentine's Day. Now some of you are going to tell me the day is about love and all forms of non-erotic love.

Agape, divine, innocent, and all of that kind of stuff. Yeah, ok. I know. That is not what I am writing about today. Nope. It is about the engagement of sex and sexual energy that needs an outlet that does not involve cleaning, shopping or chocolate.

Ok, maybe chocolate. I don't want to be an extremist.

Ladies, we can be re-active or pro-active. I vote pro-active. On this day I'm adding the gift of self-love and pleasure to the imaginary box. This is not an original idea. Heaven's to Betsy, no.

Many years ago I was inspired by Betty's book Sex for One.

Betty Dodson has been a sex education pioneer who didn't just talk her truth but lived it as well. This is a video with Betty and her colleague Carlin Ross concerning questions about rubbing yourself the right way.

Now you may be long past the point of acceptance but I had to put it out there for those that were told otherwise. It is far easier to create your own meaning and fulfillment for the day as opposed to crabbing about what you have and have not.

You got you babe. Start from that point and move forward.

So, how does a woman construct her own pleasure kit when dang near everything she sees and hears is generally designed for men to get off on? We are not men. Not to say we can't get aroused by male targeted sexual content.

There are portions of that content that are not that bad. But there is other material that is just straight up rank and cruel toward women.

I wanted to make this idea visual and declarative in order to make it easier to find quality content. I really had to find places that would not subject folks to the cyber ickies or spyware and still delivered the goods. I am good at finding content but this was really challenging.

On this day I will find blogs and podcasts that are sexually female friendly, easy to access and deliver the goods. I might toss in a device or two to help facility the blood flow from the 2nd to the 4th chakra. Anything above that and you are on your own.

I'm going for concept. I'm not going to find the perfect examples for you. I can't find the perfect examples for me. What I can do is find various examples to explore for yourself and see if it floats your boat.

Keep in mind. I am not a sex educator, writer, blogger or expert. I can point you to resources but this is just my subjective point of view. I'll try to be open but I am not a refrigerator; there are some things I don't need to read or experience.

Here are three to start with:

How To Get Sexual Confidence talks about Erotic Embodiment

For the Girls is a $25 a month subscription site but it does not seem to be tacky or link bait. You can use the guided tour to check out the fellas displayed or view sample videos. There is content but if you do subscribe remember that $25 a month charge continues until you cancel. Think of it like a self-contained bookstore with audio and video sexual content.

Back on the freebie side of the fence. Not only can we love ourselves but we can love and nourish the earth.

Or your front lawn. If nothing else, this will get your attention or perhaps a smile. Absolutely not safe for work.

Busy, busy, busy...

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