Friday, January 01, 2010

Damien Jurado's Abilene on the Finally Friday Freakout

It is a new year and a new decade. I think. Zero to nine but there is no year zero and yet we place a zero at the end to show the beginning of future time.

Then a bunch of people will argue about the start of the decade for three years. Well, it is a non-toxic thing to blovate about. I've seen comments threads hi-jacked with people on both sides trying to prove that they are right.

Some people will attempt to validate their intellectual self-worth by explaining how this decade thing works and expect the other person to believe it. Others will take pride in showing just how ignorant they are and will fight to the bone to prove it.

Mud will be flung but not around here.

Anyway, I wanted to find not just old classics but new to me artists as well. If it has a good beat or story that is pretty much all I need. This is a performer named Damien Jurado. He has story songs and can sing with his pants up. That goes a long way with me.

The name of this song is Abilene.

This is What I Know:
You should know I'm going to diving into Daytrotter and similar sites to find more musicians I don't know about. That is a might interesting neck of the woods. Daytrotter finds artists and invite them to record in a studio. You can download the music free and get exposed to music the radio stations are willfully ignoring for syntho-spuds.

Now be kind. I did say that some of the folks I'll find are new to me but you might have know about them for eight years.

What can I tell you? I've been busy. There was a time I knew what was happening in contemporary music. Not my fault radio tried and succeeded to kill off innovation. Radio drove me away because I aged out of the demographic pool.

I've been a podcast girl for a long time now. Will continue to be one but I need to mix more music along with the words. Time to try new again. Find musical kin folks. Allow more than I know in the door.

Well, it is another day in the life. Breath deep and step forward.

There is no turning back.

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