Sunday, January 24, 2010

Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller Speaking for Themselves

I have been thinking about invisible mentors lately and these two women are certainly included in my memories. I was stunned when I saw this video. I had no idea this film existed. My memories of these women were shaped by the movies about Helen's early life.

This is a brief clip of Anne Sullivan talking about Helen and how communication was established between the two of them.

Maybe that is why I feel strongly that women need to record and document their own lives. The reality of these women are so much more than the motion picture interpretation.

I know that the movies were and are important to help a large number of people understand a person or a situation. For historical figures before photography and motion pictures there is no other way. It is just that the actual persons life is compressed. Enhanced. Airbrushed.

But when you can speak for yourself or have your authentic image carried into the future that is just remarkable.

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