Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let's Misbehave on the Finally Friday Freakout

It was a rough Friday. It was the kind of Friday where you go to the Salt Mine sick as a dog and then everybody who has questions pick that day to ask you questions.

It was a day when other people's lunch has you looking for a nose plug to stop the stench. It was a day when being non-chemically disorientated is not fun.

It was also a day when mercy is shown to you by a friend who brings you home to a 15 hour nap.

So yes, I need to watch Christopher Walken dance and strip. I need a bit of fun. Cracks me up and reminds me of Jimmy Cagney, who was another so-called tough guy who could hoof it. This is from the movie Pennies From Heaven.

I would have also like to shown you the Fatboy Slim video with Mr. Walken, Weapons of Choice.

Maybe that is the answer, make the men folk dance to release the pressure.
Dance slams instead of war.

Works for me.

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  1. Which translates to:

    An ... worked hard! Wish you getting better and better in every aspect

    Slowly, I am feeling better.