Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tami Simon - Podcasting for Enlightenment

One of the reasons I have pulled away from traditional broadcast media is that it no longer makes an effort to engage or inspire my mind or spirit. I’m not a rampant intellectual who disdains all forms of entertainment. Let me camp out on a few episodes of Red Dwarf and I’m happy.

But something has been lost. The willingness to tell stories or ideas that are not mentally freeze dried for consumption is slipping away. I started transitioning to public radio for a time but there is a limit to so much news and public affairs programs I can take in a day.

Some days I just can’t take it.

Insigits At the Edge Podcasts

One of my solutions is to continue to educate myself via audio podcasting. Tami Simon is the owner and publisher of Sounds True. The business focuses on audio healing, inspirational and self empowerment recordings. I have purchased recordings from the site.

What I want to share it a free/open section of the web site that anyone can access. It is Tami’s podcast called Sounds True - Insights at the Edge. This is where Tami interviews people who are engaged in a passion, a calling or who are sharing a bit of their life’s work.

What I like about it is that most of the time it does sound like an actual conversation between two people who are talking about something deeper than what was on television that night.

There are names that you might recognize and others that are totally new to you. Let me point out a few folks and then you can mosey over to check it out:

Corinne McLaughlin: The Politics of Dynamic Change What could happen in 2012 that does not lead to death and eternal dang-nation.

Tara Brach: Radical Acceptance How to work through emotional pain to healing.

Terry Tempest Williams: Finding Beauty in a Broken World A woman who walks into trouble and finds beauty. Stunning interview.

Vicki Robin: Financial Independence: A Redefinition, Vicki is the co-author of the classic and essential guide to getting a grip on your money, “Your Money or Your Life.” In this interview she talks about what financial independence really means.

These are free recordings that you can listen to via your computer, download to your mp3/media player or you accent access them via iTunes. For those of you that are technologically challenged you can read a transcript of the podcast.

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