Monday, November 02, 2009

Paying It Forward - Census Job Information

I participated in the prior census and it was a hoot. It might be a tad more challenging this time around but I hear that there are a few folks looking for work so what the heck.

I attended the California Library Association Conference. Well, I could only afford the Exhibit Hall. I made my visitations and notice that the Census Bureau had a table. I like to pick up the CD copy of the Statistical Abstract of the United States. Yeah, I'm wired that way. I'll read anything. It is actually kind of cool and you can get ideas for stories and such stuff.

Anyway, I glance down and there is stuff about census jobs for 2010. The web page isn't updated as of this post but swing over to the regional office link and you will see a map. Click the map in your area and you can get the phone number of the regional office to find out if there are hiring or when it will start up.

I was told that you'd be able to put in your zip code and then you could see the positions open in your area. This probably will happen after the first of the year but get the phone number of the regional office and get the straight skivvy.

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