Friday, April 30, 2010

May Day Doo Dah 2010 - Parade Time Distortion

I know this is gonna confuse people. The Pasadena Doo Dah Parade is this Saturday. For real. No, it is not December. No there won't be a good reason or justification for the 11 a.m. champagne style orange juice inoculation.

Change is good. Just takes a bit of getting use to.

DooDah 2010

Still, goodness knows how Fester is going to tolerate the increase in temperature. Not to mention the Country Gentlemen, The Dead Robert Palmer Girls or the Bastard Sons of Lee Marvin:

The ancients and the crusties have fond memories of hot dogs and tortillas floating in the air. (Uh, don't bring tortillas to the parade. The 1990s have passed my friend.) Many of the parade's four footed participants especially liked the hot dogs that found there way to a liberated pound puppy.

Ditto on not bringing the hot dogs.

So here is the deal. Don't take your love to town or Old Town Pasadena cuz the parade isn't there anymore. They moved it to East Pasadena. Hey, if any place needs a parade it is East Pasadena!

The exact location is 2627 E. Colorado Blvd. 91107 between Altadena and San Gabriel Blvd. Bring your own lawn chairs, pillows, and blankets. There is a Denny's near by and I'm sure there are other stuff that needs to be discovered in East Pasadena.

According to the web site you can be sure that some of the following kinda sorta will appear:

  • Queen Erica Valentine,
  • The Electric Squirrels,
  • Martinis in the Morning,
  • Howdy Krishna,
  • Stupidiotic Evolution,
  • Mystik Krewe d’Dieux Dah,
  • Zombies of Debt,
  • Flying Baby
  • Street Racing and Stroller Cross,
  • Men of Leisure,
  • LA Derby Dolls,
  • Dead Robert Palmer Girls,
  • Drunk in the Garage and god knows who else but I think they be some pirates and parrots a foot.
For the Green among you take the Foothill 187 and walk. Or take Metro 181 if you can find it and then hoof it to the festivities.

Whoa, I just found out that Pooh Bah Records is in the area! I wondered where they disappeared to. In the name of vinyl you gotta go.


  1. Excellent coverage of this wacky event!
    One day I hope to have time to do videos myself.

  2. That day could be this Saturday. I'll pack a spare camcorder for you just in case. No telling what hilarity will occur at CPK.