Saturday, November 21, 2009

Life Walking - VloMo 2009

The Yahoo Videoblogging Group 30 Vloggers, 30 Day Challenge is that each person draws inspiration from the video created the day before. Adam Quirk created Death In the Morning

Death in the Morning from Adam Quirk on Vimeo.

In honor of (Inter)National Videoblogging Posting Month this is my contribution to Day 21 for November 2009. This is my answer video, Life Walking 2009:

This video is a mixture of what my original goal was, to get out and see life. Pulled in more directions but I hope to get back to doing more point and record slice of life videos.

It is not the video I envisioned. It is ok. I'm good with it. My butt hurts, I've sat in this chair too long. It is a mixture of current and past videos I created.

My main goal was to get out of the Bone yard. I don't like death. Not worried about the beyond because I'm good for an adventure or two whether it is a flicker of last light or a new dimension.

I don't hate it or fear Death. I just don't like the process. The pain that is required to grow and go on as a human being is often too much. But what are the choices?

Perhaps a ramble for another time. For more independent and not corporate videos check out the action at


  1. Well done. A perfect companion piece for Adam's video.

  2. Carries on perfectly from Adam's video. Great stuff.

  3. Ha! Nice way to change the topic. I love your feet walking to the beat.

  4. Ha! I could not have planned it if you had paid me. Sometimes the Video Muse throws in a freebie.

    Thanks for the comments.

  5. nice & upbeat! glad you're enjoying life

  6. Cool that you got to see Gore Vidal speak. Very few people have his quick wit.

  7. He was a feisty and clear of mind as ever. I think he loves being in front of an audience.
    Sadly Vidal's body is changing into another stage that will not keep up.

    Recording the moments, you know ;-)