Friday, November 20, 2009

Koop Island Blues on the Finally Friday Freakout

Here I am waiting on a man. Time is ticking and the truth is out there, so they say. Time to jump off the grid and try a new stroke. Never heard of these folks before so that is as good a reason to have them on the Freakout. This is Koop and Koop Island Blues.

Actually I just want to kick back and stop being a grown-up. Past couple of weeks it has been a drag. Worst part about today? That fracken radio station jumped the gun and started that dang blasted Xmas music. It is in the stores. Office radios. Unexpected places.

November 20th is not anywhere near Turkey Day. This is evil, pure and simple. I'm not in the spirit. I haven't even had any Corn Bread stuffing or gravy or had the lumpy versus smooth potato debate. I'm not sure I even want Turkey.

I'm thinking some ribs or a shrimp bonanza or something. Plus veggies or maybe a Bittman recipe or two.

So yeah. I'm watching videos like this because I'm mentally moving to the Island of the Blues baby. If I can find some chocolate in the cupboard then I'll feel better.

I think I scarfed the last of it last night. I need 65% cacao or more. Or some Rumi, yeah I love that guy's poems. Let me suck up some Rumi instead.

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