Sunday, November 15, 2009

Becerra Coffee Response to Stupak Amendment Question

In this video a woman is asking questions about the Stupak amendment that would not allow a woman to have an abortion even if she is paying for it with her own funds.

This is an extract from a video I recorded at the Coffee with Congressman Xavier Becerra meeting, November 14, 2009. To check what I was being told I went to and looked at H.R. 3692. Here is the short version of the Stupak amendment:
The amendment prohibits federal funds for abortion services in the public option. It also prohibits individuals who receive affordability credits from purchasing a plan that provides elective abortions. However, it allows individuals, both who receive affordability credits and who do not, to separately purchase with their own funds plans that cover elective abortions. It also clarifies that private plans may still offer elective abortions.
Personally, I feel that the amendment should not have been allowed in their in the first place. Why waste time striking it when you could have bounced it from jump street? Anyway, this is a summary, you should read the full text for clarity.

As I read more about the pork, misinterpretations and the usually shenanigans by both sides of the political parties and vested interests I'm going to have to get my glasses updated with a cootie filter.

I want in on this health care conversation and I am willing to listen to alternate points of video. This is not a common trait as I learned at this meeting.

Now there were babies at this event. I saw a teenager or two. Honestly, the room was packed with all kinds of people. I can say with certainty that those misbehaving were over 40. Some were leaning over kissing age 70 kind of hard.

One elderly woman was escorted out of the event because she kept interrupting asking questions. Now I do support feisty women as a rule. This woman was verbalizing her discontent, shooting out questions and was disruptive. You won't see her in this video but the shushing will be noticeable.

When people are shushing you I think you should take the hint.

It wasn't that she couldn't ask questions. You just had to put you name in the bowl and take your chances. It wasn't like she was the only one in the room that felt like her. I was sitting next to two people who passionately did not like what the congressperson was saying.

I know this because the guy kept thumping the table with his fists. Causing my tripod and my camcorder attached to it to jump. Making me very unhappy. And constantly watching my back.

I'm not kidding, it was nerve wrecking. I do not want to give the impression it was tea baggers run a muck. It was not. Everyone, except that little old lady, was behaved.

Not well behaved but bordering on civil. I think it was the vested interest and passions that I was picking up on. The frustrations too. There was only an hour and folks wanted to get busy and talk about issues, not just about health care but about the budget, mass transit and other concerns. The great thing was that they wanted to talk.

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon. That was amazing in itself. I'm gonna take a chill pill. The democracy is fine.

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