Friday, October 23, 2009

These Are The Days of Our Lives on the Finally Friday Freakout

I was reading Dave Pollard's blog "How to Save the World." I check into it every now and again to see if he has figured it out. Because, you know we live here and perhaps there is a better way to live.

Dave wasn't feeling the positive vibe this week in his post "Nobody Knows Anything."

No one is in control. Obama isn't getting anything done, despite being the most powerful person on the planet, because he can't. The 'leaders' aren't going to deal with climate change or peak oil or pandemic disease or unsustainable debts, because no one has the power or authority to do anything, and because it would be political suicide to admit that the only solutions that might work will be radical, painful, and require a lot of sacrifice from everyone. So all you get is posturing, and it's just going to get worse. This is what unsustainable means.
I think Dave is having a form of burn out or something. It is hard. Waiting for people to have a clue that the gimme-gimmies are not working as well as they have in the past.

That how we continue in the future is dependent on how we act today.

There are times I feel the same way. Smoke it down and then start a new. And that kinda defeats the purpose of "How to Save the World." This next sentence is unavoidable. We are the world. Ok, a part of it.

I picked this video for a couple of reasons. Freddie Mercury was no angel but he was true to himself. He lived his life. Freddie certainly loved. This video was recorded toward the end of his time on the planet.

You don't mess around when you know you are about to croak. You do what you have to do. You speak your peace and prepare. In black and white the video still has a spark. I think Freddie wanted to let those close to him know that he did love. His gift was performing. Freddie wasn't finished yet. Not quiet ready to lay it down.

Maybe Dave Pollard is right; change cannot come from pundits and so-called leaders. It will have to come from the bottom up. It can't be legislated. The change has to be enacted by real people in action. Not sound bits or slogans.

Can we do it in love and respect? That is up to us. Not looking too good at the moment.

Dave is getting pissed that after 40 years from high school he now realizes that people don't know squat? Dude, I hear you. Except that many of us do know. There is action.

Slowly, so slowly we are moving toward the change that will exist long after we are dust.

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  1. "Slowly, so slowly we are moving toward the change that will exist long after we are dust."
    I so agree. If it lives long enough the world is going to be a wonderful place for all of us. We are on twin paths - magnificence or annihilation.

    I vote for magnificence.

    Great video of Freddy Mercury.