Thursday, October 29, 2009

Star Trek Exhibit At Hollywood and Highland Center

I was raised on it. I can't help it and don't want too. TOS, The Animated Series, Next Generation, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise...ok I only watched the first season or so but I ain't hating on it. I just had other things to do.

Uhura's Uniform TOS
Anyway, there is a traveling exhibit of Star Trek stuff over at Hollywood and Highland. Yes, I know, you are too old for that kind thing. You want to jump off the franchise grid. The Great Bird has left the galaxy.

I understand. I do. It is just that I never made it to the Vegas Star Trek Museum or an actual convention. I meant to but life happened or it was not financial possible at the time.

And talk about your cultural values. You can drag, er, encourage the young ones to come along and soak up some infinite diversity in infinite combination as they work their way through the educational guides.

No fooling. Start them young. Think about you old age and the two of you don't have much in common. This could help. Common ground or a sedative. Your choice.

So if you have the time and between $10 and $16 bucks you can hop on the Red Line because those that know Hollywood understand traffic is a blip.

For more info or other stuff that is happening at Hollywood and Highland check out the website. I hear the joint will temporarily be taken over by the vampire crowd but a few phaser blasts will clear those suckers out in a hurry.

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