Sunday, October 25, 2009

Soupy Sales and Pookie - A Rememberance

Yep, the pie man has gone to meet the owner of the bakery. Just found out that Soupy Sales passed on October 23, 2009. I was just a wee kid when this show aired. I'm not sure if I saw the NY version or the one that went national.

I didn't catch all of the jokes but I was grooving on White Fang and those pies.

Soupy didn't break the fourth wall of television; at times Soupy demolished it. It was fun, silly, corny and who could ask for anything more. There isn't much more I can say but "Hey, Do the Mouse."

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  1. RIP - Soupy. I remember the show vaguely as well. This was such fun to watch and be reminded. Soupy had rhythm, was zany and an original. This made me think about Steve Allen, Flip Wilson, etc.