Sunday, October 18, 2009

Janelle Monae - Opening A New Music Box

I'll fess up to it. I don't go looking for new music because I don't know where to go. All the music genres are on lock down. There are assumptions made that I will not like a certain type of music because I am x and a quarter years old.

Not true. Wait, I am x and quarter years old. What I mean to say is you shouldn't make assumptions on what I will like and not like based on the Friday Freakout. I was siting in my chair scoping out the Blue Microphone web site. I saw this woman's photo and I clicked on it.

This is Janelle Monae and Many Moons.

Yes, I know. little flavor of Outkast, little touch of MJ but she is her own voice and persona. Janelle is walking forward on her own beat.

If you want to dive deeper check out her website.

For The Record:

I like atonal music. Try finding those suckers on the radio any more. I like songs with good stories. I like song that are not love songs. I miss Dr. Demento. I also miss Fat Larry's Band.

Creativity, good. Banality and over sampled because you don't know more than five years of music history, bad. Banality because you have been told that disrespecting other men and women is the only path to fame and fortune, sickening.

And just as I understand you might not like some of what I like and I might not appreciate all that you bring to the table there is a nexus point where those of us who want to support diversity in music join together and say, "rock it out baby, take us to the next level."

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  1. I think it's cool you dig JM. She's a great talent...with interesting thoughts about music and life. Her music is a melting pot of sound,but yet distinctive to her own nature. It's pretty awesome when you think about it.