Sunday, October 11, 2009

Funny or Die Health Insurance Parody PSA

This video is from take on health insurance companies. You can find it at Funny or Die but I saw it at Pam's Coffee Conversations.

I'll keep saying this, I don't want health insurance reform. I want health care access and reform. I'd prefer a single payer option.

It seems this is gonna be a knock down drag out fight for the most minimal coverage Americans can hope to get.

I'm still working my way back to positivity so, go figure. I also have a cold. Not the flu. I am one cranky woman at this point.

Scuze me while I swig some NiteQuill.


  1. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, wants to include a version of a government option called a co-op owned by insured members. What a wonderful idea says Mike Oliphant whom manages Utah health insurance plans for . This may encourage competition from private health insurance carriers. But I fear it will fail ultimately if there is no TORT reform because the same liability costs that plague medical professionals and health insurance carriers will be like a fast cancer growth within the co-op plan. A government option wouldn’t allow legal suite against the plan but will with medical providers. Doesn’t anyone see that we need TORT reform to protect the cost outcome? See what Utah has done with health care reform

  2. Tort reform is not the issue. A lawyer will always find a way to protect his/her interests.

    This is about access and providing health treatment. The insurance companies had 20+ years to provide that kind of competition and competitive products.

    They had no interest in do so.

    I got a story for you. Check out this story from the Denver Post and then tell me that Tort reform would have prevented this situation:

    Breast-fed 4 month old baby denied insurance coverage for "obesity"
    pre-existing condition.

    Let me help you out on this one, babies are supposed to gain weight. That is what they do.

    Single payer preferred, cut out the insurance companies period.

  3. I have a cold, too, not the flu. Made some delicious chicken soup. Wish I could share some with you.
    Feel better.

    Health care access. Proactive - health care, not just illness/disease care. Single payer. I'm with you.

  4. I should add this ad to my collection of funny insurance commercials. Will Ferrel does a pretty good job and the whole commercial is pretty well played and edited. I'm not sure I agree on the topic but if I started talking about that it would end up being a 2 page Thanks for sharing the video.

    Take care, Lorne