Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Lab/WGBH Boston's Open Call for Videos

I like being a part of different communities. Some days I feel like an information conductor. I learned about this from the Videoblogging forum. I posted this on the Create Video Notebook blog, but I want to make sure other folks know about this as well.

The Lab at WGBH Boston is having an open call for three minute or less videos on life, life stories or your take on your journey so far.

One of the first things to do is check out the eligibility and guidelines for the videos. You do have to be over 18 years of age and a U.S. citizen. Those of you younger than 18 years of age can submit videos via your teacher who can contact The Lab/WGBH for submission guidelines.

I think if you have made it this far on the planet you might have an observation or two about the nature of life. If you were waiting for an opportunity to put in your two cents here it is. This is it, go forth and tell what you have learned standing in line at the market looking at magazine covers.

I learn a lot of stuff that way, like how my life is far interesting and way more complicated than the celebrity of the moment.

The Lab/WGBH will accept videos until December 31, 2009. You can do a talking head video but there are other options to tell life stories such as:
  • animated photo slideshows converted to a video format
  • montages
  • mash-ups, if you use your own content or public domain sources
  • video poetry or text streams of consciousness wrapped in video
and so many more ways than just talking head videos. But if all you got is your head then go forth and speak your piece.

You do want to be very conscious of using copyrighted material. If you have to use other content make absolutely certain it is in the Public Domain and you can document that fact.

I know some really cool people and in the coming weeks I will be secretly badgering them to do this.

Tell your story.

And you? I'm flat out asking. What is life?

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