Saturday, August 01, 2009

Condoms , BlogHer09 and Your Voice in Health Care

I sat at the Birds of a Feather Education table for lunch. I met folks. I hoped that I listened more than I talked or ate. I didn't get the chance to meet everyone. Soon lunch was over and I noticed that there were condoms on the table from Planned Parenthood.

I was afraid one of the Waitstaff might throw them in the trash. I started to gather them up when an older gentleman asked me what they were. I smiled and said "Condoms." He asked if he could have them, he wanted to give them to some of his young "knuckleheads" in his neighborhood.

I said "Absolutely!" and gave all of them to him. He said he was working on trying to make those knucklehead understand they got to use them.

Sometimes we forget that there are more good people doing good things than bad. We are all agents of change.

If you haven't already please read the health care post by Lisa Stone at BlogHer and put in your two cents.

The time to speak up and act on your beliefs is now.

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  1. Hi there,

    I love this story, mainly because I'm the woman from Planned Parenthood who was handing out condoms--thank you very much for passing them along!

    Amy Bryant