Friday, July 10, 2009

Fly the Friendly Skies on the Finally Friday Freakout

I can hear the old commercial in my head. A promise to adventure and new destinations. When I do research on a trip I do check out what other people say about an airline. Years before this video was conceived there was anger at airlines customer service and the handling of consumer complaints.

United? Damn, it was scary bad about them. Not good and not going to get better anytime soon. I don't fly United Airlines. Wait a minute, check out the video first if you haven't seen it.

This is David Carroll and the Sons of Maxwell taking a positive and funny licking stick to United Airlines in United Breaks Guitar

Back? Ok. Now cruise on over Consumer Reports or any of the other places about airline complaints. Then hit up online consumer reaction before this video. The video isn't about the baggage manglers, er handlers. It was the corporate and front line failure of anyone at United to honor what was put down in print as a recourse.

It wasn't like he didn't try to comply with ridiculous rules it was the rules kept shifting like quick sand. It isn't really just about United. It is your cable company, your HMO or the repair company that shows up three days after they said they would and still jack up the repair.

United has a systemic customer relation problem that they refused to address. So after a year flows by and the video comes out they now apologize and want to use it as a training video?

Dave, just say no man. Please release Part 2 cuz they still don't get it. Don't take no stinking vouchers. United had their time, now it is yours. Go for it and make Canada proud with a few Yanks standing in humble adoration.

While we are waiting for that second dose of medicine, I'd like to remind folks of a mythical airline that was more than willing to give "service." All aboard for Air Fosse. From the movie All That Jazz this is the intro to the Take Off With Us segment.

Those of you about to head out on your airline of choice I strongly suggest you bring your Zi6, The Flip or your still digital camera of choice. We can freak out baggage handlers from coast to coast without a word. An image or recording will do.


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