Friday, June 12, 2009

Crawfish on the Finally Friday Freakout

People are going flap doodle crazy. Straight up bonkers and proud of it. Now I'm an info-junkie but I have limits. These past two weeks have stretch them til they are about to snap. I need restoration. Comfort. I need dinner.

I have retreated to the safe confines of Turner Classic Movies but even when I pop my head out the gunk that is spewing forth is...Whew! Had to stop myself. Where was I?

I would have like to have link this to TCM but they didn't have embedding options so I'm splitting the difference. This is from the movie King Creole. This is the opening scene with a young cat named Elvis singing about Crawfish.

I've always like this song from this movie. Thanks to TCM I now know the woman singing with Elvis was Kitty White. This is cool beans baby.

Enjoy and play it forward. The kind stuff. Recycle the crap.

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