Saturday, May 02, 2009

A Taste of Moms Maybley

I'm actually trying not to think so I was messing around and I saw this clip of Moms Mabley. I think I need to do a tribute post to her again but in the meantime I think you will enjoy this short clip.

From the curtains it could either be Ed Sullivan or maybe the Hollywood Palace from 1969. Now any clip of Moms that comes from television is probably going to be clean. Miss Mabley was known for being a "blue" comic. By the mi-1960s she finally started getting invited on TV and she had to clean up her act.

So I have been told. You see, I have never heard her authentic routines. I was way too young and they were way too risque to be played around children.

I do know she was a hell of a survivor and a pioneer in making due in the mist of horror. I do know pieces of her life story. That woman had seen some troubles.

Anyway for those that remember and those that don't know take notes. The lesson is on comic timing.

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