Friday, May 01, 2009

Seems Like I Gotta Do Wrong - on the Finally Friday Freakout

Long day. Really long day. I do want to howl at the moon or something.

I really need to find my quiet space but ole Lonesome Joe howls every time he hears a siren. This causes each dog in the neighborhood to howl in solidarity.

Now you can't get mad with Lonesome Joe because the Doofuses that get themselves into situations the require the use of a siren are the ones that are are messing with Lonesome Joe's and my desire for peace and quiet and the equal and opposite desire to bust out and run away with the Beagle across the street. That would be Lonesome Joe and the Beagle for clarification.

Yes, seems like we gotta do wrong before they notice us. Speaking of which, here is a slide presentation of The Whispers that expresses just how me and Lonesome Joe feel right about now, Seems Like I Gotta Do Wrong.

Seriously, I need summer. Sunshine. Constant temperature or a non-fat pint of good sorbet. For medicinal purposes only.

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