Friday, May 15, 2009

I Just Want To Stop - the Finally Friday Freakout

No fooling, I crashed and burned. I remember going to the store. I remember coming home. Next thing I knew it was 10 p.m. I actually function better at night so I get to stay up a bit longer than I usual.

I dig into the Groove Yard I find another unexpected gem. Never saw this guy before either but loved this song to death and beyond when I was in a different space and time. Heck, I still like it. This is Gino Vannelli's I Just Want to Stop:

Cool. Except that I have stuff to do. Lots and lots of stuff that will not be done because I'm going to be napping as much as possible. I do not recommend overbooking or stressing yourself out.

Pace yourself and well, yeah, naps are ok. I find that strange to type because I hated naps when I was a kid. Really. So much to see and do why would I want to sleep?

I've changed my mind. About the sleeping not about stuff to see and do. I gotta go do something now. Later.

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