Tuesday, May 19, 2009

California Special Election Today - Do We Care?

This is the third election in California. Most people haven't a clue. I myself I have a vague idea but I do know how to find the California Voter Guide right quick. I do have it here in paper form but dang if I know where it is. If you have confusion about the Proposition this this the place for a quick review and the Pro/Cons.

There is also the League of Women Voters - SmartVoter.org May 19th information page.

Kim Anderson of CalVoter has a review of the election. She did an 30 minute interview with Channel 10 in Sacramento:

I'm going to vote because we have enough loony toons here in California. To take money from mental health funding to balance the budget is straight up wacky. I'm not being funny. This is Proposition 1E.

The thing is California is in such deep Bandini maybe severe cuts is the only way to get everyone to come to consciousness. We need real solutions. The propositions are bad bandages in my opinion. Anyway, gotta go to the Salt Mine so that I can earn money to be transfered to the state at a later date.

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