Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fair Use Resources - Videoblogging Week 2009

I'm running out of weekend and I haven't even started on the rest of the stuff. No worries, I got stuff in the pile. This is a screencast of some of the information resources newbie vloggers and old-timers need to be aware of, especially in this time of AP persecution of the innocent.

I'd say more but it seems just linking directly to the AP source or mentioning the headline can get you into trouble. Let me get some bills out of the way and I'll give you the straight dish later on. This Flash version looks kinda fuzzy but it will have to do, I had to flip the video into 3 different programs because after recording one editing program did not like the video and the other didn't like the audio. It happens.

The usually disclaimers apply, this is my opinion and I link to who I believe to be credible resources. Speaking of which, in the video I pointed out a little ditty that everyone who even thinks of doing web video/vlogging should take a look at.

For how it came to created and has lasted for over three years visit the Center of Internet in Society where you can download a .mp4 version or get the link to the YouTube version:

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