Saturday, March 28, 2009

Walking and the F-Cell Hydrogen Car

The sun is coming down but it is still a good day. I walked around town and took a few photos. I really miss walking around and seeing stuff. It is and therapeutic for me. I was walking around Pasadena and across the street from the Pasadena Museum of Art there was this car:

Full Cell Car by Daimler
Naturally I stop and check it out. I like the size and the fact that you can park it anywhere, which in the L.A. area is no small thing. I don't know much about cars and even less about hydrogen fuel except what I was exposed to in science fiction movies.

I was snapping some shots when the owner came out of the gym around the corner from the museum. He was very nice and we started talking about the car. The owner said that he gets about 120 miles before he has to refuel. That's is ok for small condensed areas but not for bumping all over Los Angeles. This is a prototype car and it might be another six years before they are ready for the market place.

He gave me a flyer and we said our goodbyes. If you want to know more about the car and hydrogen fuel you can go to the F-Cell web page where you can download a .pdf and read up on the vehicle.

Now not to pick a scab or anything but if I were them I'd move this research to the head of the line. Yes, I know gas is cheap right now but I know it isn't going to stay this artificially low forever.

Mainly cuz we don't have a lot more dinosaur juice left in the ground. Ok, I know petroleum doesn't come from from dinosaurs. Wait, I don't know if that is true or not. I don't know anything about petroleum except for very limited examples in my home.

My point is keep the alternatives and the prototypes coming. Give me transportation options designed for my area and for the world as a whole. Yeah. That is what I wanted to say. Innovation, keep it coming.

Hey, somebody in the neighborhood has lit up their BBQ grill. Naw, car first and hydrogen BBQ grill later.

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